7 Marketing Courses in 1

Stop wasting your time on multiple courses and conferences. Learn how to strategically market your business all in one place PLUS how to tie it all together to get results!

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Spend some time feeding your business

What's on the menu? How about a healthy serving of skills and knowledge needed correctly market your business. We have done all the prep work for you with easy to digest lessons that will make you hungry for more as you see your business grow and succeed.

You won’t find a complete plan like this anywhere else!

We focus on putting the tools for growth, communication and image shaping back in YOUR hands. Together, we will plan the perfect menu that sets your business apart from the competition!

Lunchplate is jam packed with information, industry terminology, and ready to implement actions that will make marketing your business a breeze.

Our course takes a fresh perspective to marketing and instead of giving you a run down of things you could try that may help your business, we take it a step further and teach you how to "Think like a Marketer". We dive deep into each lesson. We explain what each component is, why it's important to your business and how to connect all the components together for a complete meal plan that will fuel the success of your business for years to come.

What's Included

The Lunchplate Marketing course contains lessons on the following components:

Website - The Meat

A website is the meat of your marketing plan. It is the single most important element for growth and the marketing tool that gives your business strength and credibility.

Social - The Side

Just like a side compliments the main dish, social media compliments and promotes all of the other elements of your marketing plan. It's an important part of the meal.

Advertising - The Veggies

The right mix of fruit and veggies are needed for a healthy diet, the same applies to advertising. A mix of print, digital and social will do your business good.

Public Relations (PR) - The Drink

PR accentuates the good and washes down the bad, similar to how a fine wine pairs with a meal or a drink clears your palette.

Business Collateral - The Dessert

We all like dessert, but lets face it, we don't all need it. The same can be said for business collateral. Learn what works best.

Your Brand - The Seasoning

Just like salt and pepper or a little dash of garlic, your brand adds flavor. It goes on everything and is unique to the business.

Tools & Analytics - The Utensils

Each tool serves a purpose, just like utensils. Find out what tools work best and how to cut through all the data to measure success.

Hungry Yet?

Let's be honest, most days you work while you eat anyway so why not work on feeding your business?

Program Benefits

We take complicated industry terms and break them down to explain why they are important to your business.

Customized for small businesses, rural communities and non-profits to overcome challenges and budget constraints.

Create a complete marketing plan for feeding your business that is actionable, affordable and effective.

How Does It Work?

We have created a very simple program to teach you the skills needed to implement a complete marketing plan as well as the strategy behind connecting all of the elements together.

We spend one week on each section to help you understand, implement and succeed.

Marketing components covered include:
1. Websites
2. Social Media
3. Advertising
4. Public Relations (PR)
5. Collateral
6. Branding
7. Tools and Analytics

Each section consists of 7 lessons that can be completed in less than thirty minutes. Finish the course in a few weeks or take your time and move through at your own pace. With a full year of access, you can move faster or slower depending on your knowledge and learning style. 

We offer two programs:
1. Bagged Lunch: An affordable  self-learning option (6-months of access).
2. Lunchroom: Our complete program that comes with a year of course access and hands-on support from the Lunchplate Team.

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